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Founded in 1928, Kashikey Co., Ltd. is the jewelry company
that owns both the loose gemstone project and the product project.
In terms of the loose gemstone project,
we procure high quality gemstones such as diamond, pearl, ruby,
and sapphire based on the connection
we have made with top suppliers around the world
and provide them to leading domestic producers.
Especially we have been proves as the top diamond dealer in Japan.
For the product project, we have developed brands including
“TOMOKO KODERA,” “15 DEGREES Ring,” “Kashikey Brown Diamond,”
“Kashikey Marquise Collection,” “Bel Eclat,” “Bel Eclat bis,” “Conch Pearl,” and “O”.
We also have found global brands such as “NIESSING,” “Tresoro,” and “TORRINI,”
and have worked as not only their distributor but also as associate developer.