小寺智子Earned an associate degree in Japanese painting at Kyoto University of
Art and Design and started working as a textile designer.
Having her ears pierced motivated her to create something wearable
and to pursue a new career in jewellery design.
Graduated from Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
and joined Kashikey Co., Ltd. in 1990.
Received the Minister of Labor Prize in the JJA Jewellery Contest for
“Skyscrapers of New York” in 1995, and Platinum Design of the Year for
“New York City Map” in 1996.
Launched Tomoko Kodera Collection in 1996.
Established the “5 concepts” aiming to create jewellery
that fits the curves of the body and flatters the space around them in 2000,
which continue to be the backbone of her creation to the present.
Received the Grand Prize and DTC Prize of the JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2004 for
“Shooting Star” which is considered to be one of her representative works.
Received the Platinum Guild International Prize and the Chairman
of the Japan Jewellery Association Prize of the JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2005 for
“haru (spring)”, a piece made of natural color diamonds.
Launched the “15 DEGREES Ring” line specialized for wedding finger in 2010.
Exhibited two pieces themed on food, “Bento” and “Rice husks”,
at the Belgian Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015.

by.Jewelry journalist Tomoko Shimizui